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The scoop on SCOOP with SVP in Drapers Record.

SVP Jewellery recently showcased their brand new collections at SCOOP London on the 22nd September, and we were pleased in a very sparkly way to find we had made it into Drapers Record. A big thank you to the Drapers team for choosing to show our stand over many hundreds of others and for championing new interesting labels, we at SVP were proud to be a part of the show. And whilst we are dishing out sparkly thank yous we’d just like to say a huge thank you to all the team at SCOOP who we know work so hard putting on the show and to Lamb to Slaughter PR who have been really supportive of SVP. Cheers. Here’s to next year. SVP Jewellery. SCOOP London SVP Jewellery. Scoop London. Drapers Record
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