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Inspired by the good old-fashioned charm bracelet – welcome to the new cool way to wear charms. Perfect for stacking, banding and styling together.

Each adjustable ring comes with a bespoke SVP gift box and gemstone meaning card.

It's all in the detail:

Gemstone size: 5mm x 7mm approx.
Metal: Recycled Sterling Silver
Size: Fits any finger

How to size SVP adjustable rings

Size is everything. To keep your SVP rings in tip top condition please use our ring sizer to size all our rings. Please see our care instructions for more details.

Crystal Meaning

Smoky Quartz – Boost my mood

Smoky Quartz is ideal if you’re emotionally stuck.

It rids the body and home of negative energies and helps you to tackle important tasks
by opening the mind and giving grounding, mental clarity and protection.

Chakra: Base, Earth, Root and Solar Plexus.

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