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Discover who creates SVP adjustable rings

Creating special pieces just for you.

There is a magical story behind every single one of our adjustable rings. Each one is meticulously hand-crafted by 19 pairs of talented hands especially for yours by our amazing artisans in Jaipur, India. 

Choose from Recycled Sterling Silver or Recycled 18 Carat Gold Vermeil. We think of it as a beautiful reincarnation – breathing new life into something that was once so dear to someone else can now be significant for you and it’s ethical too.

Each gemstone is expertly hand-cut and holds a special meaning so you can choose the one that resonates with you the most.

We know fingers change size a lot so we have spent years testing our simple but comfortable adjustable band ensuring that the curvature is just right and will fit any of your beautiful fingers.  

Jewellery made special

When you place your order, it will be packed up in a special bespoke SVP gift box and will arrive with a gemstone meaning card, so if you are gifting or self-gifting our rings will hold a special meaning to you or to your friend.

How to size SVP adjustable rings

Size is everything. To keep your SVP rings in tip top condition please use our ring sizer to size all our rings. You can shop the SVP ring sizer here.

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